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  • BY JESSICA DAVIS- Harpers Bazaar

    "Circularity will continue to be a key trend for fashion brands in 2023, as incoming legislation works to tackle the issue of throw-away fashion and the immense amount of textile waste that still ends up being landfilled or burnt," explains Sadock.

  • EMILY CHAN - British Vogue

    if you invest in a garment that you can wear for years to come, instead of wearing it a few times and discarding it, the cost per wear automatically becomes lower. “Change has to happen in consumption patterns, too,” “Buy less, but buy things that you want to keep for longer.” 

  • JONAH SOLOMON - The fashion studies Journal

    The job of a designer is to question, to solve problems, and to present new ideas and solutions. No one is better at this than designers who inherently need to work this way.